Rigging and Rope Access

At SBR our rope access technicians have additional advanced rigging skills and qualifications which enable our teams to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions for moving a load, equipment or object in a difficult access scenario.

Whether it is on an industrial site, commercial structure or natural terrain, we can assist you with all of your rigging and load manoeuvring requirements in a safe and timely manner.

All of our lifting equipment is logged, serviced and maintained as per manufacturers recommendations and industry standards. You can be assured that we will get the job done safely and efficiently, utilising top of the range and reliable rigging systems and equipment.

Ask us how our rope access riggers can satisfy the requirements of your project because we go the extra mile to make it the best experience and highest quality on the market!

Rope Access - Rigging - Riggers - Standby Rescue
Rigging - Riggers - Structure Installation

Selection of Completed Projects

Rope Access - Rigging - Riggers - Structure Installation

Structure Installation

Contracted by Vertex Group Australia for Transport for NSW: to install a steel frame into a large overhang in a remote location. The degree of difficulty was high but SBR was up to the task.

Silo Installation

Contracted by Eagle Rigging: With no access for an Elevating Work Platform (EWP), rope access was utilised to install 3 silos. SBR provided rope access technicians and riggers.

Rope Access - Rigging - Riggers - Silo Installation

Sky Signage Installation

Contracted by Signdraft: SBR rigging rope access technicians installed signage using a helicopter on Centre Point Tower. SBR will fit your sign, no matter the venue, no matter the sign.

Industrial Rope Access - Sky Signage Installation - Rigging - Riggers
 Sky Signage Installation - Rigging - Riggers
Industrial Rope Access - Sky Signage Installation - Rigging - Riggers

Structure Installation

Contracted by Difficult Access Engineering: Installation of a work platform and capping replacement on a 240m chimney stack at Eraring power station. SBR provided advanced riggers, rope access technicians and standby rescue.

Industrial Rope Access - Rigging - Riggers - Structure Installation

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