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Standby Rescue

SBR are continually training our staff for all types of industrial rescue situations ensuring that we stay up to date with the latest equipment, procedures and techniques.

Our motto – “Rig for Rescue” means that SBR always have our rescue system in place and ready to go if a worker happens to have a fall and is suspended in their harness.

A fast rescue is the core focus of our business, ensuring no further injuries will be sustained due to suspension trauma.

Standby rescue for SBR is not about sitting in sheds waiting for the call out to perform a rescue. We are a proactive rescue team who constantly monitor the site, looking after your workers and maintaining high safety standards for the entire project.

SBR has all the latest rescue and access equipment which allows us to create anchor points for any type of difficult access area.

Rescue Rehearsal Services

Australian Standards require a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to

  1. Establish first aid procedures and rescue procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency in a confined space or when working at heights
  2. Ensure that the procedures are practiced as necessary to ensure that they are efficient and effective.

In addition to providing rescue plans for all working at heights or confined space operations, SBR conduct rescue training and rehearsals specific to your work site.

This will not only ensure that you are complying with Australian Standards but will also ensure that your employees and contractors are adequately prepared should an incident occur.

Emergency Rescue Team (ERT)

SBR’s Emergency Rescue Team (ERT) is available for standby rescue on large or small projects.

The team includes an industrial paramedic, Hazmat & fire fighters all with Level 3 industrial rope access qualifications, riggers ticket, confined space & vertical rescue certification.

SBR’s Emergency Response Team works Australia wide and are more than happy to support your companies existing ERT team when that big shutdown is on, or provide some extra training to bring your rescue team, employees & contractors up to speed on rescue procedures, new techniques and rope rescue equipment.

Industrial Rope Access

SBR, Industrial Rope Access division have over 15 years industry experience.

Industrial maintenance shutdowns

Power station shutdowns

Marine – Mining – Oil & gas

Buildings – structures

Confined Space Rescue

Confined space rescues can be difficult depending on the access.

At SBR difficult access rescue is our specialty.

We are not just a rescue business, SBR have confined space workers in all types of trades, so when you hire our services you know that all confined space procedures and permits will be in place and the rescue plan is a plan that will work.

Inspections & Reports

Transmission & com’s tower inspections and maintenance.

SBR technicians provide detailed reports and inspections on all types of steel towers and structures.

Corrosion and fixing inspections, cross members and splice plate remedial repairs or replacement of existing steel.

Painting or galvanizing services also available.

Bridge works and inspections

SBR technicians hired by Sydney Trains for height safety management on bridge replacement at Lidcome 2014.

Our technicians can perform difficult access / abseiling bridge inspections for structural steel defects, corrosion and concrete cancer.

Sydney, Centre point tower 2013

SBR technician inspecting the steel on centre point tower for a sign installation.

Height Safety Management

Here at SBR our goal is to become your companies height safety management team for temporary works involving heights and the need to wear a harness.

SBR height safety management team has been working with Sydney Trains for over 3 years providing safe access solutions and installing temporary life lines.

During bridge works SBR supplied Sydney trains with a height safety manager and standby rescue team to control all working at heights operations and supply fall protection PPE for rail workers.

SBR supplied and installed certified temporary life lines during the bridge replacement works

Geotechnical Support

SBR has over 15 years experience in core drilling, rock scaling and rock fall protection installations.

Rigging services to manoeuvre heavy drilling machinery and equipment into difficult access locations using flying foxes, cranes or helicopters.

Providing level 3 rope access services allowing geological surveys and mapping in difficult access locations including railway cuttings, cliff faces, dams and retaining walls.

SBR can supply all abseiling equipment for your geologist, expert supervision and standby rescue.

Our service will provide you with a detailed rescue plan, hazard and risk assessment and SWMS.

Industrial Paramedic

SBR’s Industrial Paramedics are available to assist in the rescue and provide initial assessment and treatment of injuries on site, stabilizing the victim as much as possible in preparation for transfer to hospital.

This ensures that should your workers suffer any injury or mishap, medical treatment can commence immediately, thereby increasing the probability of a positive outcome.

Our paramedics are highly skilled in vertical rescue and hold level 3 certification for industrial rope access which enables abseiling rescues to access the patient.


SBR’s engineering division can design, fabricate and install difficult access safety systems to suit your safety requirements.

Designs include permanent or temporary aluminium or steel work platforms, swinging stages and rope access systems.

Work platforms are designed to be either lifted by crane or helicopter into the location to be installed or can be built on site using rope access / Abseiling to install the system.

Nothing is impossible for our design team when it comes to the extreme, the higher the better.

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