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SBR is a standby rescue company with over 20 years experience- providing professional industrial rope rescue technicians Australia wide.

Standby rescue for our staff is not about sitting around waiting for the call for rescue. Our staff are proactive and will keep a constant visual around your work site, managing all working at height operations ensuring that the highest level of safety is maintained.

SBR specializes in the development of site specific rescue plans and rescue rehearsal. We have height safety managers, supervisors & equipment inspectors available to assist you with complying to legislation and maintaining the highest level of safety for your workers. All SBR rescue technicians are trained to the highest level of industrial rope rescue techniques, vertical rescue including high angle rescue procedures and systems.

SBR staff have qualified trainers who will fine tune your employees skills and share our advanced vertical rescue techniques enabling your team to gain confidence in “rope rescue” and abseiling techniques.

If your company or industry requires a rescue plan or height safety solution and management, SBR’s professional team will ensure that your employees and contractors are safe and in good hands.

At SBR we understand that your employees and contractors should be involved in the rescue planning and that is exactly what we do. Sharing information and performing rescue rehearsals is just part of our service.

Rescue plans
SBR prepare site specific rescue plans including hazard and risk assessments, SWMS / JSEA’s for all working at height operations including confined space procedures and rescue, provided in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Industrial paramedic and fire fighters
SBR have industrial paramedics and fire fighters available for remote work sites. All SBR paramedics and fire fighters are trained at the highest level for industrial rope rescue, vertical and high angle rescue techniques.

Industrial rope access
SBR Industrial Rope Access division have the high work standards you would expect from a professional team. Services include shutdown maintenance, confined space operations and inspections, installation or removals of sky signs, building maintenance, structure & bridge inspections, geological inspections, difficult access rock removals and cliff stabilization.

Horizontal life lines and equipment hire
SBR can supply and install temporary horizontal life lines to meet Australian Standards and provide your workers with fast and safe access to areas that require a fall protection system to be in place. Harnesses and lanyards for fall restraint and fall arrest are available for hire.


Why us?

SBR’s highly trained team can provide the rescue plan & rescue services that your business requires.

pulleyOur motto “RIG FOR RESCUE” means that we are always ready for the unexpected so when rigging systems for work at heights we ensure that a rescue can be performed- FAST.

So when your company or work site requires a Standby Rescue Team or height safety supervisor you need not look any further, we have you covered.

Email us at or call on 0418 644 496.

Our Qualifications

SBR staff require a minimum of 10 years experience in the Industrial Rope Access industry to join our highly skilled team and have advanced Vertical Rescue training and experience on all work sites including industrial sites such as power stations, mines, refineries, confined space, buildings, structures and cliffs.
Additionally, SBR personnel must have held either ARAA – SPRAT or IRATA Level 3 certification for a minimum of 6 years along with being qualified riggers, Confined Space Level 2 workers and hold advanced first aid qualifications to join the team.

Careers with SBR

If you are interested in joining the team at SBR you will require the following qualifications and experience:

Essential criteria

  • White card (General induction for construction work)
  • Level 3 Industrial Rope Access Certification held for a minimum of 6 years (ARAA or SPRAT or IRATA)
  • Working at Heights Certificate
  • Level 2 Confined Space Qualification-including rescue
  • Intermediate Riggers Ticket
  • Demonstrated ability to perform hazard and risk assessments
  • Senior first aid
  • 10 years experience working in the Industrial Rope Access industry in all types of environments including confined spaces, oil, gas and mining industries, industrial shutdowns, power stations, rail and transport infrastructure, buildings, structures and cliffs-including vertical and steep slopes

Desirable criteria

  • Certificate IV in WHS
  • RISI ticket
  • Pegasus ticket
  • EWP and scissor lift
  • Experience in the geotechnical field
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